26 May 2009


these arrived in my letter box today from here . Can't wait to play.
Had a fantastic time in Strathalbyn and Adelaide. Loved catching up with Donna and Sharon and their hubbies and kids(and all the baby girl cuddles I got from Amelia,too cute), loved going to the zoo, loved watching great football, loved spending time with just my two youngest, loved that I was brave enough to drive around Adelaide by myself,lol, loved taking the boys bowling and to the beach house, loved our little apartment we stayed at, loved the shopping. Did you guess I loved the trip. Did not love the laundry I came home to, all Jackson's (said it wasn't worth him putting a load through just for him, would waist too much water, since when did he become water conscious)and all Paddy's yucky camp clothes, imagine a 15 year olds clothing after a weeks camping with no showers and 10 km hikes and rock climbing each day, phew.
will post some footy photos soon, after I have gone through the several hundred I took that is.


Anonymous said...

Love the goodies. AND I am so glad (and slightly green with envy) that you had such a great time with Donna and friends.


Donna Maria said...

Yeah laundry....kills the buzz doesn't it!

Glad you had a great time Susy Q....please come back again soon! Xx

One Crafty Mumma said...

They're so lovely. I'm especially fond of the butterfly - very sweet!