20 May 2009

Really quick

A few shots from the zoo on Sunday. How is this for a bored look on this big fella. It says "oh no, another tourist taking photos,ho hum" One of the things we learned in class was taking shots through bars, I have done this before but never such thick bars though so having an expert there to guide us through was great. Loved the course and would recommend it to anyone wanting to know a bit more about their camera.
What a grumpy face, if you click on the photo you will see that the poor thing is covered in water, no wonder he doesn't look happy. or maybe that's just him.

The lemurs are really cute.

As were the otters.

Every ones fave, the giraffe. we got to go right into the keepers enclosure while they were fed, yo just had to avoid giraffe drool dripping on your head.

When I get home I will put the hippos on, we got to go into their enclosure, just a little bit but still really cool. Need to go to sleep now, we need to be at the footy at 8.30.
Boys are doing well, lost the first days games, had a win and loss yesterday and won all their games today. I think they are really starting to gel as a team. They have only had two training sessions together(the upper south east covers a fairly large area and it's not always easy to get the kids together) compared to some of the city teams who play and train together regularly so they should be really proud of themselves.
Hope this all makes sense, my eyes can hardly stay open and I think I may be almost out of internet credit.

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Can We Be Frank said...

Wow... the big fella looks pretty old!