25 December 2008

Photos from last night

Just taking a little time out from the Christmas day festivities to post a few shots from last night.
Ahhh, photos going the wrong way around again, this is the end of the service. all the kids came up to celebrate the birthday of Christ with a cake and ballons(they all fell from the ceiling, the kids thought it was really cool)Paddy with the cake. Mary, Joseph(Joseph, guess why he got the part,lol) and the Angels(so cute aren't they) and yes they do have blurred faces, didn't think to ask the parents if I could post these.
The sheppards (Seamus is the first one)

Do you think Mary and Joseph could sit any further apart? Joe looks a little apprehensive about the prospect of fatherhood.

Fr Vihn and some of the kids, wished I had a wider lens with me, there where heaps of kids all gathered there.

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