22 December 2008

Guess who came to visit???

Thursday night landmark(the company my dh works for) had their family Christmas party and the big guy came to hand out pressies to the younger kids. I had to laugh at Seamus' body language here, don't you think maybe he thinks he is too old to still be sitting on Santa's knee? He missed that some of the other kids he is friends with weren't able to attend and he was one of the oldest and didn't really know the younger kids, still he had an good night and loved the billabong pencil case he received. He is right into the Christmas spirit at the moment and has been the one that has decorated the house and made lots of Christmas projects. I am going to miss it when the boys have outgrown the fun of preparing for the season or hopefully they never will.

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Anonymous said...

And in my house, if you don't believe, you don't get presies from Santa. hee hee
Marque believes!

Hugs & Blessings.
Very VERY Merry Christmas