25 December 2008

Christmas morning joy

Wii fit anyone, Santa really came through this year. And boxing training gloves and mits.
Jacko not properly awake, Seamus woke us all way too early.

The face of a very happy boy, love getting this sort of reaction Christmas morning.

Seamus woke up before 5 this morning and tried to wake his brothers up too, and me(trouble is I couldn't go back to sleep, may need a Nana nap before driving home). He is so much into the whole Chritmas thing. Note the empty glass, cookies gone and a half eaten carrot in the background, love that he still wants to do this.

It's been a lovely morning so far but boy am I ready for a nap now. Wishing a lovely day to every one.


Sandie said...

fantastic joy you guys!! looks like you are having fun with all that santa produced this year!!!
wishing you all a fantastic time and enjoy the holidays!!
thanx for sharing susy!! luv ya

lisa v said...

Merry Christmas to you and yours Susy. We had a wonderful christmas too :)