6 December 2008

Optio awesomeness-for Donna

Not the most flattering angle but the way the water is bending everything is cool, I held the camera under the water leaned over and shot up.

I am not an animal...the wind was blowing the water causing some weird distortion.

Today I took the two younger boys down to the lake for the first swim of the season, a bit cool for my my liking but they never seem to mind it. Any way I thought I(or rather the boys) would give my new little camera a whirl in the water and test out the underwater setting. I was really impressed. Not that it is amazing standard or anything but for a little point and shoot the clarity was pretty cool. These have only been re sized for the web, not PSed.


Sandie said...

hey susy girl!! these pics lok really cool!!! it's a great little camera by the looks of these photos!!! well done.

Donna Maria said...

Oh COOL........ Can't wait to use mine, they look so good! Very, very Awesome!!!!!!! Thanks honey you are the best! Xx

Can't wait to see you!