1 December 2008

it's started

deep in concentration, cutting out the tree cover half way through completion
the final product, may add a bit of ribbon ,not sure yet though as this one Seamus made is for a male.

the official countdown to Christmas. Ill prepared as I always seem to be at least the school teachers gifts have had a start made on them, mainly thanks to Seamus not going to school today. not that he was really sick or anything, just worn out I think, I couldn't wake him this morning and he had been up a lot throughout the night with bad dreams. I know myself how hard it is to concentrate without much sleep so I'm sure a small person has even less coping mechanisms. He wasn't going to get much benefit from school the way he was and a day at home with Mum seemed just the cup of tea.
I took these photos and a few others for my countdown to Christmas album
inpired by the one ali edwards made. Mine's nothing as elaborate as hers but will still serve it's purpose, to keep a record of the events in our home leading up to Christmas day. I will post some photos of it tomorrow, hopefully with a few of these pics in them. I am so thinking maybe I need to ask santa for one of the little epson picturemates, just so I can print photos for these type of projects quickly at home without having to go to the trouble of always changing the settings on my main printer(that and a prepaid wireless mobile thingy)Mmmm, I wonder will he listen.


Little Miss Lucy said...

Very cute...nice job Seamus!

coco said...

Oh Suzy, You are such a sentimental soul. Another way we connect. Thomas and I will have to make a tree out of something as we are not doing the whol thing this year. I have just read Tim holtzs blog and all these CHristmas memories came flooding back. Snow, shortbread, carols, walks with mittens.
Well done for having a memory book, great ideaxxx i love you cocoxx

Em's Places said...

how fun is that.
I'm beat girl. I hate working... much rather play. Wouldn't we all.
Hugs & blessings.
p.s. please send me your address via email. I am sure I have it somwhere... but if you don't mind

Mardi said...

Hi Susy....thanks so much for popping by my blog. It is very sad about the poor old fish...and I agree...we muck way too much with nature.
Love your gorgeous photography on your blog too....your macro shots are superb..
Merry silly season...
Mardi x