2 April 2008

Mmmmm cupcakes

Sweet little AmeliaYes, I did bake.

It seems everywhere I look lately there are cupcakes, on stamps, clothing, like this cute little top my friend's sweet daughter Amelia is wearing, (It's possibly a good thing I do not have daughters because with such cute clothes around I would most defiantly never have any money left), I even saw the perfect looking cupcake in our local plant nursery, turns out it was a soap. So with all this cupcake inspiration around I felt I should rev up the oven and bake some myself, they are so pretty and believe me pretty is not something common in our house, which is why I had to photograph them before they all disappeared.
P.S. Amazingly they did taste as good as they looked


Anonymous said...

OMG! She is so darling. Could you just snuggle her? Oh........
Love the cupcakes. mmmmmmm they are almost to pretty to eat.

sarita said...

my son and his fiance are getting married June l4,2008 - and instead of a huge cake they are having cup cakes!!!!

sarita in apple valley ca
birthmothers never forget

Anonymous said...

gorgeous shots suze