25 March 2008

Hands up

those who ate too much chocolate over Easter, I know I certainly did. Not only chocolate but all the other good things in life. Friday night we went to a friends house for the yummiest seafood feast of crayfish(lobster) prawns and freshly caught calamari, along with a great selection of yummy salads, my poor tummy had had enough by the end but my mouth just kept wanting to eat, it all tasted too good. The rest of the weekend was mostly spent around the house with just the odd venture out to get videos or attend an Easter service. All in all a great battery recharger.
The loveliest thing this morning was to wake to rain,nothing to heavy at the moment but it is meant to last for a couple of days and the veggie patch is loving it. It's the first rain we've had in months and it's delicious.
Have just heard the posties squeaky brakes so better go and see whether he has bought any thing other than bills.
ETA Thanks to those of you who left a comment and said hi, it's nice to hear from you.


In Em's Closet ~ The Closet Crafter said...

Yes I ate chocolate... PROUDLY! hahaha That meal sounds wonderful. My husband misses living overseas... all the wonderful foods. mmmmmmmmm
Did the boys enjoy too? I half thought there would be tons of pictures of them.

Kaz said...

So glad you enjoyed your Easter yummies!!!

Isn't waking up to a light rain just the nicest thing on certain days, and the worst on others?! In our summertime I love wet mornings, they always make for GREAT color saturation in my images. But my bones, however, hate rainy mornings, they ache. I'm old.

Patti said...

Hi Susy. We have had some lovely rain here too (not that Warrnambool ever gets really dry). Sounds like you had a lovely Easter. I love the cards youhave been making - inspires me to get off my backside and have a go. Those aerial photos are just spectacular. hey, thanks fro coming to visit my blog - I have been very slack recently, I have taken the photos, just haven't put them up.
Take Care

Anonymous said...

Hi Susie,
I love to catch up on what's happening in your life on your blog.
I often look but don't leave a comment as I thought it would be just boring but you talked me into it.
Enjoy your day. Bye for now.
Luv Sandie

redhenry said...