29 April 2008

A little tale to share.

I've got lots to blog about but no time at the moment but I have to share this little story. I have just picked up my two eldest boys from their after school part time jobs, the older of the two works for a few hours a week at the local supermarket in the fruit and veg department. He couldn't work out why a friend of his could not stop laughing at him at work tonight . She had came into the supermarket looking for asparagus and asked him if he knew where it was, being fairly new he didn't but said to her he did not even know what asparagus was and that he thought it was a part of the body. Which part??? Asparagus veins of course. the poor girls no wonder she almost had a melt down in the store, I'm still laughing every time I think of it.


Peta's page said...

thanks for the laugh!!!! i will remember that every time i look at my "asparagus veins"!!!! i need a good laugh!

Anonymous said...

I love it!
So typical of a boy, huh? Asparagus veins. lol

Anonymous said...

And here I was thinking Jess had the monopoly on the 'dumb blonde' remarks..just last week she confessed she did'nt know who Winston Churchill was or what a cult was.
It's great that they have part time jobs though. Jess is talking about Macca's once she's old enough.