24 April 2008

Arte y Pico

Sweet Em from http://inemscloset.blogspot.com/ has awarded me the Arte Y Pico award, I am very honoured. Once awarded the idea is to send this on to 5 other bloggers who's blogging inspires you. So here's the list (I don't suppose I can send one back can I Em?)I wish I could add more, there are so many inspiring blogs out there.
Kathryn http://kathryn-timeforachat.blogspot.com/ Scrapbooker and home school Mum extraordinaire
Lisa http://theblogoflisavc.blogspot.com/ Cool creative freestyle scrappin'
Peta http://mummaspage.blogspot.com/ Always coming up with original ideas
Kaz http://canwebefrank.blogspot.com/ The rockinest landscape photographer
Bec http://thespiceoflife.typepad.com/ You've got to check out this girls paper crafts work, it's amazing.
So there is the prestigious list, I hope you print the award out and sit them on your mantle and dust them regularly,lol.


Anonymous said...

Why thank you very much..I'd like to thank my mother, who I inherited my creativity from and my father who I inherited the ability to take decent photos from :D
There has'nt been a whole lotta scrappin' going on lately though I got a bit done in the last couple days. Off to check those links.

Kaz said...

Thanks girly girl! I don't think I have 5 other blogs that I visis, uh oh!

Kathryn said...

Thanks so much Susy - what an honour to receive this honour from you -someone I am inspired by!!


Kathryn said...

Check out my blog - you have been tagged! Cheers Kathryn

Anonymous said...

YAY. You deserve it girl!
Look at your blog the photography is top notch and the stamping too... I mean REALLY!

Peta's page said...

WOW!!!!!!!!! thank you very much! you have made me so happy and very honoured! :-) i hope i can be inspired now. thanks for your very incredible site!

becspicer said...

Cheers! I'm a little chuffed - well a lot actually.