19 April 2008

Some shots from Xavier's baptism and Joseph's footy

Joseph playing for his school in the SAPSASA school tryouts

Cute little Xavier and his gorgeous Mum Rachel

For some reason either blogger or my computer are not doing as they are meant to tonight so I'm not sure if all these photos are going to show. There are a few more from Xavier's baptism and the other ones (if they show) are from Joseph's school football game. Kids from schools all over the district came to try out for the SAPSASA (South Australian primary schools athletics? association)football match. Only twenty three kids were selected to form a team for this district (upper south east) to play in Adelaide in a few weeks time, Joseph was overwhelmed to be chosen to play.


Anonymous said...

well done! good man!
I love that shot of rachel and xavier second from bottom.
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Anonymous said...

Gorgeous shots.
Congrats to Joseph... and that baby is edible I tell you!
look at the cheeks. LOVE!