7 May 2007

Night skies

With the rain we have been having comes beautiful cloud formations and stunning colours, the
first one was taken on the outskirts of town and the other one was over the neighbours roofs. Taken one night apart.


Kaz said...

Those are some dramatically gorgeous skies! One thing I remember about Australia was how well you could see the stars, and how MANY of them there were!!! We don't have skies like that here in NY. Can't wait to see them again.

hannie said...

Hi! thanks for the visit to my blog. Funny thing is, ive seen your blog before when surfing around following links!

those photos are gorgeous! That blue sky is magnificant. what sort of camera do you use?

Kaz said...

just wanted to clarify... I thought you were asking about which lens I used for the sunset shots. For the gosling shots I was using my 85mm. My zoom is in the shop for repair {insert sad emoticon here!}

mon@rch said...

I love how these colors go from deep red to deep purple! Great job and you have a wonderful blog site here! Keep up the great work and I must add you to my RSS feeder!