25 May 2007

Funky photo Friday

I've joined in on the Funky Friday challenge, this weeks theme is flowers, info can be found here FunkyPhotoFriday if you are interested in joining in. Flowers are bit few and far between in my garden at the moment with the time of year (6 days till winter is officially here) and having suffered through one of the worst droughts in many years, but these little wild sunflowers were nestled in the corner of the park which is only a house away, the council lawnmower must have missed them or maybe they like them too. They had not fully opened yet because even though the sun was shining there was no real warmth in it but if I left it any longer then to get the shots then Friday would have passed. I think the neighbours have become used to seeing me doing odd things with my camera in hand, (on my tummy in the grass, on top of play ground equipment etc)


Heather said...

Love your flowers! Thank you for joining in! The next challenge won't be weather dependent!! It's so funny to think of you all going into winter as we are gearing up for summer!

All Blog Spots said...

great blog, keep the good work going :)

Anonymous said...

what a gorgeous shot susy. took the time to download that dove clip too and was just appalled.