14 May 2007

The creek has water in it, yay...

And the geese are happy Thought I'd use this one for the 'missing' category for the BB 26 things challenge.

After the bit of rain we have had lately the creek finally has a bit of water in it again, not full to capacity yet but at least it's not just a bit of stinky mud at the bottom. And where there is water Paddy, Jessie and Seamus will be, fishing rods in hand.

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Kaz said...

Hey that Goose and the reflection are really nice! Your photos always capture "the moment" of daily happenings, I like that. I sort of always feel I need to go OUT and find shots, when they are probably all around me every day and I don't really need to go anywhere. I wish I were more creative that way... you inspire me to be more watchful for everyday moments!