16 May 2007

Another vintage bee.

With the vintage actionOriginal

Playing with another photo, I am really loving this new action.

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Kaz said...

I also posted on my blog (www.canwebefrank.blogspot.com) about this action. There aren't many out there that I truly like, and it's nice to be able to control the layers on this one. Sometimes in actions where you think you have no control.. try going to edit/step backward and see if it unflattens yours layers, then you can adjust most things within that action. It doesn't always work, depending on how the owner created and saved it. But it's always worth a try! I'm sure you probably already knew that, hope you don't mind me sharing the tip. What I like on this action is you can still keep varying amounts of color along with the vintage sepia and most of all, I LOVE the textures!! It's a nice action, glad you posted about it too!