29 March 2014

If only you could share smells on the internet.

Because this was divine. A mixture of garlic, ginger, lemon grass (home grown), star anise, red chilli and kepap manis. Slow cooked a leg of lamb in this mixture and served over flat rice noodles with a side serve of asparagus (previous post). Not sure why I am on such a cooking kick lately, maybe it's the arrival of the cooler weather that is making me think of food other that the quick summer food we usually eat, lots of salad with whatever goes with it, or salad wraps with chicken or tuna (boys would eat almost anything if it was put in a wrap)  Whatever it is I'm actually enjoying being in the kitchen for the first time in ages. Recipe http://emsfoodforfriends.com.au/slow-cooked-sticky-asian-lamb/
 This afternoon I had a go at making these bowls http://laughingkidslearn.com/2014/02/how-to-make-a-string-bowl-with-kids.html/ really hoping these turn out because I love the look of them.

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Beth said...

Those string bowls are awesome, but I'm not sure my kids would have enough patience to complete them!