4 April 2014

High school formal

Photo heavy overload from Joey's year 12 formal last Friday night.  The year 11 and 12s get to celebrate the night but being his last year at high school this was was a little more special than last years. His partner for the night, Emily, traveled down from Mount Gambier to join him. 

 Love the fact that he wanted to buy her a corsage.

 One of Joey's mates Ben and his parter, and Emily and Joey.Love this photo of Joey with one of his besties, the gorgeous Tahnee. The photo below is the pair of them at last years formal, they grow up so fast.
Oh how I love this car. I'm generally not much of a car person, as long as they get me safely from A to B, but this classic monaro owned by one of Joe's mates dads is just beautiful. 

With best mates Ben and Taylor
 Taylor is almost like a 5th son in our house, these two have been friends for many many years now.

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