16 March 2014

Not your Nana's cactus...

Or may be they are, maybe I'm only just appreciating the beauty of what the older generations knew, or maybe it's the influence of social media but I am loving the look of succulents right now. I used to think they were a bit daggy when I was a kid. Over the past week I have tackled a few projects that I have had planned for a couple of months now but never seemed to have the time to get around to.  I had this layered fruit basket in my craft room, used for storage, for ages and although I loved the look of it it really was too big for my little space and I ended up ditching it. The idea came to me to convert it to a planter but like lots of things it sat there not done for ages. After spending some time last week while Bren and Joe were away putting succulents in glass jars for indoors I thought they would work well with the basket as well. I am quite happy with how it turned out and can't wait to see it in few weeks when it all starts to grow and the plants multiply (that's what I like about cactus is how they just keep doubling and are so easy to propagate) I love the little bird on the top of the handle and think it is much better suited to outdoors than in. 
The cactus in the glass jars that I have placed around the house make me happy with their little pop of green and are so easy to look after, well hopefully they will be any way ;-)

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