10 March 2010

Sharing (some of) my excess (gulp)

Our first challenge for Shimmele's class, share you excesses, oh boy this is a tough one, admitting to everyone that I have a collecting problem. Must be what an addict feels like at their first meeting :-) at least I am not alone in this venture as I'm sure there are many out there with uninked stamps (just because they were pretty) or unopened embellishments they were really going ot use one day. After this class I am seriously hoping that my stash is going to be noticably depleted (more room to add more shopping then, hehe) Self explanatory I guess
One of six wooden stamps drawers, these are word stamps

My book shelf. I claim that if I had enough room for several of these then my nook would be so much tidier and organised. Do you think I have enough cardstock?

Rubons, love the designs on these and the ease of use but have a basket full of them waiting for 'some day'

Must confess that this is just a fraction of my ribbon, I have a basket too wound onto board.

I blame the manufacturers for my collection of paint, if they didn't make such pretty colours then I wouldn't have to buy so many :-)

One of two herb jar turns that hold brads, pins, etc. I keep my eyelts in a separate folder type thing.

Just a few of my inkpads, notice there is room on the botom shelf for more ):-)

Alphabet stickers and now I mostly use my silhouette for titles, so they gather dust

Now seriously, do you think I have a stamp collecting problem???
All this and there's more, the adhesive drawer, how many kinds of adhesive does a girl need, sadly I use most of it though :-) then there is more punches and more ribbon and more, more more, you get the idea. I think I just like collecting pretty things, when I buy them I have full intention of using them but often find them months later at the bottom of a basket. I am very much an out of sight out of mind kind of girl and would love a room big enough (or a room full stop) to have every thing out on display and at hands reach. Well, that's my excuse and I'm sticking to it, lol.


Sandie said...

Beautiful Susy - all of it !!!
and I must say .... it is soooo good having a ROOM!!! hee hee sorry !! xxxxxx

Donna said...

First...SHUT UP SANDIE...Just cause all of you kids have left home!!

Second... I think that considering ALL that you have you are extreamly organised!! I LOVE poking around you nock!!...ummmm that sounds a bit rude...LOL!! Xx

Anonymous said...

LOVE the organization of it all. My craft space is a jumbled mess, but I do ok I guess.
Donna, you should say stuff like that in private... nook poking does sound a bit ___...
Hugs all!