6 March 2010

The beginning of our adventure

Driving home(my home town, not where we live home)for the long weekend just on dusk we passed a mass of fur on the middle of the road. Thinking from a distance it was a dead roo it wasn't until we got closer that we realized it was a koala and although it wasn't moving except for being buffeted by the wind from cars and trucks as they flew past it seemed to be alive. As soon as we found a spot to turn we went back and found the poor thing in total shock still in the middle of the road. Except for a bloody foot it didn't seem to be too badly hurt but it was sitting there head down nose almost touching the ground. Now this is were I got brave ( for those who think of koalas as cute and cuddly you ought to check out their inch long claws) knowing it wouldn't be long before it was dark and the way the traffic flew along the straight there was no way it was going to stay alive for long, so I grabbed a blanket from out of the back if the car draoped it over it's still not moving back and heaved it's extremely heavy self to the side of the road. Knew things were good when it started to wriggle and it grunted at me:-) once out of it's stupor it walked off, turned and checked us out for awhile then slowly made it's ways towards the trees. The boys were extremely excited to be up close and personal with the wildlife and we were all glad to manage at least one hood deed for the day. Now for the rest of the weekend :-)
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Sandie said...

Oh you brave, brave thing as I know how NON cute & cuddly koalas can be!!!!! [especially when hurt!!]
What a wonderful thing to do for our wildlife.
Hoping you enjoy your full-on weekend!!
cheers xxx

Jane said...

How wonderful - and exciting!!