23 March 2010

Amazing work

for any one wanting a little photography inspiration or simply enjoy looking at gorgeous images check out this slide show on the amazingly talented wedding photographer Susan Stripling's blog, so worth the time to have a look, her use of light is amazing and the emotion she captures at times almost brings a tear to the eye. Where was she 21 years ago(next month)probably still a child and on the other side of the world, that's where, lol, but even as a child I'm sure she would have had more artist flair that the wedding photographer we hired (hope he never ever reads this, lol).

Another fantastic photography website, and this one is a little closer to home (very close in fact) is my brother in laws brand new site here. His photography is awe inspiring with photos from home (Port Fairy) and around the world. Check out his portfolio, link is on the top left hand side. His shots of the whales in the bay at Port are simply stunning. Must remember next time I am home to pick his brain (ewww, that sounds gross) Some of his later stuff is shot digitally but his preferred method is with slide film and I must say that the quality is amazing, there I go with that word again but when he shoe fits...
Just a little side note- when I refer to home it covers two places, home of course where we live now in S.A. but also my home town of Port Fairy in the western district of Victoria. An extremely pretty little seaside town where most of my family still live, hence the fact that it will always be classed as my home even if I never live there again. so generally when I say I am going home for the weekend this is where I will be, then from there going home is coming back here, confusing stuff,lol.
And lastly a quick snapshot of two of my guys taken a couple of weekends ago at Bren's step sister's wedding (and yes I did straighten Paddy's tie afterwards :-)

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thanks for your comments. Yes, Tyler is growing fast! I haven't visited your site for a while.... it looks really good! - just love looking! keep it up eh?