25 March 2010

Northern visitors

Naracoorte has recently been visited by a colony of fruit bats(flying foxes), possibly from NSW or QLD. The erratic weather has sent them looking for food and calmer weather. It's amazing when they take off at night, it looks like a large flock of big birds until they fly directly over head and you see the bat wing shape. They fly out looking for food each evening and settle back in for rest at dawn. Apparently, according to the local paper, they are quite a rare breed of fruit bat. I raced up this morning and took these quickly before work.


Kathryn said...

Very cute little things they are! BUT if they are like the ones that lived on the island in the river near our house in St George, Qld, then don't get oo close - lice, fleas, mites whatever... they are full of them and they bite - the mites I mean!! Just a little word of warning from one who knows! Scratch scratch!!

Madeleine Bouquet said...

Oh wow, that's awesome! Where I live we just get the really tiny bats with the funny looking noses.:) These fruit bats are so cute!


Amy said...

Wow!! Those things look huge!!! The only bats that I have ever seen around where I live (in California) are no bigger than my hand!! That's wingspan and all! LOL! So I think if I saw one of those hanging from a tree outside my house I would just about hit the floor in shock! LOL!

On a sidenote: Wanted to ask if you received an email I sent the other day? It was about two pictures I was requesting use of. Let me know if you didn't get the email! Thanks so much!!

Anonymous said...

Emily doesn't like Bats...
I do love your photos of them!

You need to come to Texas for a photography trip. yes... yes... that will be good. It's warming up here... so it's a perfect time!

Good idea, no?