27 October 2009

Yes, you are in the right spot for the blog hop

It's the post below. while I am waiting for most of you to get out of bed I thought I would share Halloween Australian style. Being close to summer here there was not a whole pumpkin to be found anywhere so we thought we would do the next best thing and carve a watermelon,lol. My youngest son is still right into celebrating all of the holidays, even those we don't normally celebrate here like Halloween, and really wanted to do something. I think maybe he looks over his Mum's shoulder to much at all the lovely decorations on the American blogs i follow. any way he had great fun and we got to have yummy watermelon for dessert tonight :-) He named him Mr Watermelon head, original hey?


margie c said...

LOVE Mr Watermelon head!!! Very cool!
TFS :*)

deconstructing jen said...

Haha! You are a genius! That is the coolest and smartest thing ever! Very cool!! :D

Stampvamp said...

I LOVE this!! It is AWESOME!!!

Sandie said...

Hi Susy,
Just love it!!1 It looks so cool. (oh , sorry, no pun intended. lol)
what a great idea.

Monika in VA said...


Anonymous said...

What a great idea!
Love it!