8 November 2009

It was so worth it

To do the 7 hours of driving for a quick overnight stop if only to meet this little man for the first time. Introducing my newest great nephew baby Mitchell, he weighed in at 9lb12oz and is all that of smoochie baby goodness. Even though I didn't arrive until 10 o'clock on the Friday night and left for home around 3.30 on Saturday I managed to catch up with family, drive over to the next town along and cuddle the new baby and had a birthday morning tea out with some of my pals from back home, two and a half hours of girlie chatter and giggles, even made time to squeeze in a quick walk around the Island to the beach. All in all a great day, just feeling a little brain dead now, I think the adrenaline rush has started to wear of,lol. 8 day old cuteness and check out the cute smooched up cheeks and milk spots on the shot below, pure baby goodness..
(forgot to sharpen the shot above for the web, sorry it's a little soft)


Sandie said...

Oh Susy .....
He is just GORGEOUS!!!!
So worth it I say. lol

Anonymous said...

Congrats to you and your family!
Oh my he is so darling and scrumptious.
Kiss him from Texas!

cindy said...

He's beautiful. That is a good size baby. Hope mom is doing well. It is so nice of you to drive so far to meet him and family.

Tina Cockburn said...

Gorgeous baby, lovely photos. Nice!