18 October 2009

I did it again

I've added to my layout again, the day ofter posting this I decided it needed something added (see a bit of a theme happening here, like my last three layouts,lol)Not that I add much but I think seeing it on a big monitor right in front of my face makes me pick all the little bits and pieces (or lack of them) so my old friend string was added, a little heart charm and a date block.
Next time I think I will wait for a few days before posting just to make sure I really am done :-) Life has been pretty busy around here lately and it seems like there isn't many days go past without extras added to our little house so when we do get a little time for just us a lot of this happens...relaxing and enjoying the quiet time.
Even the pets enjoy it.


Sandie said...

Hey , that's ok .... you can add whatever you like whenever!!!
Love the chillin' pic!!!

Anonymous said...

It's a great page - I love the design. Adding the string was a good call!

Eve said...

I swear you have the most amazing pictures!!!!

margie c said...

Your layouts are exquisite! I love your style! and the added extras are perfect!
TFS :*)
~ margie