12 October 2009

Bella butterfly

Last year some time I won a name this stamp competition run by Bizzy Bec, now while I have used this stamp a few times I have never posted a card with it on, tut tut. With Bec having just drawn the winner of the next lot of name your stamp comp I had thought I had better get off my slack butt and do something, so here she is Bella butterfly. The photo is at a funny angle because I raced outside in the rain, it was a matter of sit the card on the gardening table, shoot one shot and bolt back inside, it was that wet. Previously I have used softer girlier colours with her but today I discovered these SU papers while searching through my paper stash for inspiration and decided to go with them. I realised after posting this that I had forgotten to put a flower in her hair, I have a tiny brown one that would have gone perfectly, I'll have to add that later. Just paying with this terribly over exposed shot of a pot of ranuculas that is sitting at our front door, crap photo, but the flowers are so pretty.


Bec said...

Oh WOW Sue, that card looks AMAZING.. I love the distressing... I love how you have coloured her too.. Thanks for sharing.. Bec xx

Sandie said...

Oh Susy ... she's gorgeous!! I should post one of 'Joe the fisherman' stamp I won too.
I really do like the colours you have used. it's really pretty.
And you can play around with all the pics you like !!!!! Cutesy. lol