15 September 2009

An update Seamus

I had a message on the answering machine this afternoon from the respiratory specialist we took Seamus to see in Adelaide last week(he has been dubbed the nice Dr because he was exactly that, the first one who really sat and talked to Seamus himself and didn't ridicule the ideas we had as to what it could be, even going so far as to order extra blood tests on some things we were concerned about). He was meant to go back to him next week to be put under an anesthetic and have a look deeper into his bronchial tract, turns out we can cancel that, he has had whooping cough. Makes me kinda mad because he was tested for this a few weeks into the cough here locally and the Dr told us it was negative, ahhhhh, someone must not have been doing there job properly somewhere. All that time off school, all the money, all of it could have been prevented quite early on if it had been picked up. I am waiting to speak to the Dr to find out more but we are quite relieved, cross at the mess up early on but relieved that it is nothing more sinister, my imagination was starting to run a little on all the horrible things it could have been. Once Paddy has his tonsils out in December I Hope our illness run will be over for a while, we have been to the Dr more in the last few months than the entire 7 1/2 years we have lived here. the kids are generally quite hail and hearty.

On other news these two, my niece and her husband(A photo I took at their wedding early last year)are due to give birth to their first baby within the next few weeks, so very exciting, can't wait. I hope I get to take some baby photos...

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Katrina said...

Oh glad at least you have it sorted out, yep whooping cough and glandular fever are 2 things that don't always show up in blood tests in the beginning - damn annoying things!!!

Donna said...

OME...ALL that running around and stress and worry and it's whooping cough....Sweetie you are a saint cause I would be so pissed at those doctor's right now!! LOL! Well I am glad you know what it is and hopefully Seamus will start to feel better very soon! Big Hugs..Xx

Anonymous said...

You are calmer than I'd have been! Drs are SOOOO FRUSTRATING!
I'm glad it is an easier fix from here out and that no anesthetic is required. GOOD LORD!

On the other hand... YIPPEE FOR BABY! Ohhhh I'm so happy for all of you!