29 September 2009

Boys 'n water

They just go together...
Contemplating making the plungeAnd they're in
Braving the cold

And then it all broke loose
(this is my favourite photo of the day even though it is over exposed, love those happy faces)

And even small dogs love the mud and water.

Just 'cause I thought the weeds growing on the side of the road looked pretty.

Yesterday we decided it was about time we took a trip out to Mullinger's swamp, a few kms out the road. I had never visited it before and even though the boys had been they have never seen it this full of water before. We packed up lunch, towels and some changes of clothes(I have been around boys long enough to know that there is a natural magnetism between them and water and mud) It made my heart happy to see my two youngest and three of their friends having so much fun and being so free. We did take some yabby nets out with us but had no luck with them which didn't seem to bother any of us too much. I think it may be a little early yet for them to be crawling or maybe it was the excessive noise level that frightened them off,lol. Tomorrow we plan to go out to Bool Lagoon, another largish body of water near home that has been empty for several years but is hopefully filling up this season, and do a little bird and nature watching. I love the feeling at the end of the day when you have had an active time out doors, tired but somehow energised at the same time.


Anonymous said...

Fun! I love boys and water. I only have one boy, but if there is water, he finds a way to get in, even if it is just a toe or finger in! lol

Hugs and thanks for the smile! Great pics!

Donna said...

Looks like they were having sooo much fun sweetie... I am so glad to see water in the swamps and lakes again....The wild life must be amazing...Although I don't think Daisy counts as wild life...LOL! I will text you later in the week ...New Job is a bit full on at the moment...LOVE you and MISS You...Xx

Can We Be Frank said...

Did you have to check that water for crocs? I worry abou that... especially when there are no signs to beware! BTW, those birdhouses in your right sidebar... WAY cute!