30 September 2009

Today I learned how to...

How to use the live view function on my camera. I confess I have had this camera for almost a year now and this is the first time I have even attempted to use it, it will certainly not be the last, at least with macro stuff any way. I love that I can focus on an area, then zoom in and see if I really am as focused as I thought, then take the shot, super cool. It pays to do a little research sometimes... I have actually, after finding out about this, ordered a disk with three hours of tutorials on the 50D. I am visual so being able to sit and watch with my camera and note pad on my lap should with any luck be great and a worthwhile investment. Oh and by the way, thank you Donna for the packet of ranuculas bulbs, they are just starting to flower and I love them...
Yellow ranuculas, the centre reminds me of a cats eye. Red ranuculas bud

I missed the centre focus here when the wind blew but I love these little red flowers so much I have put them on anyway, any one know what they are called?

Just a little yellow daisy laying on the grass

All shot using an 85mm 1.8 lens with an extension tube.
Today I also loaded my page for the scraperlicious challenge


Peta's page said...

you really do never cease to amaze me with your photography!!!! simply amazing! thanks for the visit. everyone said that the pav was the best i had made - i am inclined to believe them.... it was a double recipe.

coco said...

girlfriend ...you so need to be out there and sell this photography!! we were speechless(sandie and Coco) we couldn't say anything but awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww!! you ooze talent, warmth, laughter and you are so sexy if i may be so bold. we are busy finishing off my spring challenge ...well sandie is keeping me on task hee hee (she says that's miss bossy sandie) nah she's a darling. time you visited swan hill my lovely!! xxx nite nite
lots love from coco and the shenaniganxxx

Dani said...

WOW! These are so beautiful! Words cannot describe how lovely these pictures are.

Anonymous said...

YOu really need to do a "coffee table book" of flowers or old bridges or whatever wonderful shots you take.
You could do one of neat parts of your town.
You are very talented my dear.

margie c said...

Oh my! These are the most beautiful flower shots that I have ever seen! That first one just blows me away! Definitely a print that I would frame!

Thank you for your sweet comment!
I bow to you for trying to 'like' coffee! I've tried too! with lots and lots of sugar and milk, kind of not worth it! LOL!

:*) margie