4 January 2009

X-man and Paddy

Aren't they cute together? The best thing about Christmas is catching up with family and friends and none better than little Xavey babe, just one of the many names our family seem to have adapted for gorgoues little Xavier. The youngest of the FitzGerald crew, he is very much adored by all his older cousins. This is just the first photo of many that were taken over the festive break but it's too late in the evening to put the rest up now. I should have made my new years resolution to try and get to bed at a more resonable hour. We had fun making our resolutions walking home new years eve, one thirty in the morning, each of the six of us made one. I'll list them all later when I have had some sleep.

Good night and sweet dreams.


Sandie said...

Oh Susy - this pic is sooooooooooooooo cute!!!!
It's so nice to be able to have a little one around!!!
My NY's resolution should have been the same as yours too. lol
Can't wait to see more of your photos as I know they'll be good.

lisa v said...

A beautifully clear shot susy and the tonal range of the range of the blacks is so good too, not in the least murky even though it's an indoor shot. X-man looks very chubby in the arms there! and Paddy looks very handsome and grown up.

Anonymous said...

They both have similar profiles. CUTIES!