18 January 2009

Bull ride

Tonight we took the two younger boys and one of their mates up to Mount Gambier to a bull ride. It was a great night and so much fun, the boys really enjoyed it. I took a heap of photos and just thought I'd share a few, won't bore you with too many as I took around one hundred and fifty. Not that it was easy shooting though, we were in the second row back with some tall people in front and a very white fence around everything. You can notice it on the edges of some of the photos. Still I didn't go just to take photos and it was a good night, something different from the norm and something I'm sure we will do again
On another note I will have no computer for a few days. My laptop is to go in to get the sound fixed. It hasn't been good since I first got it but is getting worse so I'd better get it fixed before the extended warranty is up. I just hope they don't take to long to fix it, I just hate not having access to the net.
so until next week,


coco said...

Hello Girlfriend.
I know what it is like to have no computer thanks to the friendlis at Telstra NOT!
Your photography should be taking you places girl. I love the pics you sent me. THANKYOU.... I love the stamps too. You naughty girl. I still IOU for the hotel accomodation provided for Mademoiselle Fou Fou La(ESSE) . I miss your face my sweet girl. Yes I did finally update the blog comment. I had cracked the sads after I went to post it and my writing disappeared. lol
Catch ya real soon xxx Coco

becspicer said...

Wowsers, what great photos Suse (no surprise there!)

I have left something for you on my blog.

laura vegas said...

these are incredible photos!