16 January 2009

And the second one down

Today Brendan celebrated his 46th birthday. He had to work most of the day but tonight we had a yummy take away dinner from our local Chinese restaurant and a cake that I made and the boys decorated. An interesting concoction covered in frosting, hundreds and thousands and lolly snakes. I think by the look of it there might have been a little tasting went on as it was done. No matter, it tasted good in the end and Bren was happy. We bought him a new Ipod/CD/radio/clock/alarm thingie to go with the ipod he received at Christmas and also a 12 month subscription to his favourite outback magazine. I really liked his pressies which is a good thing.

That's a green snake he did not sneeze on his cake, looks ewwie hey?


Sandie said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY BREN!!!! Boy that cake looks full of fun!! I'm so glad that's a green snake!! lol I love your description of Brendan's pressie! ........ thingy. hee hee
As long as he had agreat day!!
Thanks for sharing!!

Donna Maria said...

"Happy Birthday Bren..."

Great shots Sus..... Love the cake!
Love You!

coco said...

Oh Happy Birthday Brendan,

It is a long way to give you a big cuddle but to you mylovely i send many. I hope you had a great time with your family and enjoyed the Chinese. I am a bit jealous on that front lol. I wish you a year filled with love and laughter I join the forty club this year aaaaaaaaaaaaargh! love coco