14 January 2009

Just stuff

firstly is my version of the 365 days album the who's who of the scrappin' world all seem to be doing at the moment. I couldn't get hold of a kit because they all sold out within the first few minutes of going on sale and with our dollar in the dismal state it's in at the moment it was for the best as it was probably going to cost me a million dollars ,lol. Anyway it all turned out ok because I decided that I possibly was not going to commit to a picture a day so I decided to do it my way with a premade album. I can do a minimum of one or two photos a week on one page if I want and just add journaling in one of the 4 x 6 sections and embellish one, or I can go all out and do one page per day with up to three photos or even spread that out over two pages and include six photos. I can use the little 4x2 sections at the bottom to either journal, place the 'week of' tags or even add a cropped photo if need be. Very flexible and no pressure. Even though it's only been going for the last couple of weeks the kids are already loving browsing through it. I was fortunate that Becky Higgins had downloads of some of the cards used in the kit on her blog so it has made it even easier, all I have had to do is a little bit of stitching here and there and add a bit of card, easy and it leaves me free to do the creative stuff I may or may not,lol, want to do. All I need to do now with the photos so far is add my journaling and it's done.

With yesterday being such a scorcher I decided I needed to do something close to the air conditioning so I pulled out my sewing machine and did a little mending, boring but necessary, and then decided to stitch up my little owl Hooty that has been laying in my unfinished projects basket. OK I admit that even now he is not quite finished as I have to stitch around his eyes and finish stitching the top of his wings to his body but it feels so good to be so close to something completed. the pattern was bought from here , they have the most gorgeous lot of things to make, it could get very addictive. I also bought the most adorable apron pattern too that I must get some fabric for next time I'm near a store.

I'm off now to go and watch Miss Potter, the story of Beatrix Potter for those of you who may not have heard of it. It's been out for ages but living with 5 males anything remotely girly seldom ever passes the door. I guess most Mum's out there who only have boys can relate. any way Bren has taken the two youngest boys down to Port with him as he had to work down there and has dropped them off with my Mum for the night and the other two are working until nine so I have the house all to myself until then, woo hoo. I grabbed my favourite prawns and avocado in a light chili sauce from one of the local restaurants and am about to kick back in 'the' chair, the one that there is usually arguments over who sits there because it is exactly the right position, face on to the new big tv, and no one is going to want to kick me off or share it with me.
Good night blog land.


Donna Maria said...

Oh Susy how cool for you that you have YOU time.....I can't remember what that is!! When do school holidays end?!

Love the owl he's sooooo cute! If you feel like making more......

I am missing you heaps at the moment...as soon as I can I am coming to stay!!!!


Peta's page said...

thanks for your visit! yes i got pretty excited to see the G O G G O mobile!!!!!lol I just love looking at your site and seeing what you have been up to! i love your version of the 365 days. Sometime later in the year, we hope to go to Adelaide for about 1 week.

lisa v said...

The album looks fabulous. A great idea, it'll be a wonderful thing to look back on at the end of the year.
I've loved looking at the photos of the boys and their cousins and the baby. Your new camera is doing a fine job :)

Sandie said...

Hello you. I'm just lovin' what you're doing there with the album!! What a great idea to record your life for a whole year!! So much is changing in mine at the mo that this would be a great idea for me too!!!
Thanks for sharing & can't wait to see more as the year goes on.

Deb Hosking said...

Sue, I love your take on the album - can you tell me where you got it?? BTW, thanks for the comment on my blog and I promise to blog more LOL!!

laura vegas said...

love how you've done your album. sorry you didn't get a kit .. but great that you were able to use the cards that becky downloaded!
and that owl is too cute!