18 July 2008

Baby Xavier and a layout

Who says you can't use bling, flowers and ribbon for boys, not me that's for sure.
It reads, love laugh always on the flowers, it's a little hard to read on here. All the elements are raised on pop dots, including the photo mat.
Wowsers, I just noticed what a rotten job I did cropping this and the sun glare is not too nice on the photo either, you will just have to use your imagination
ETA. BTW this is Jackson when he was around four years old in his favourite jumper that my Mum knitted for him, he and Paddy had matching ones. they were gorgeous and so super soft and the colour reminded me of the ocean. Taken on Grifiths island, Port Fairy, on one of our many walks we used to do.
I must add some journaling somewhere on here, or maybe the back.

This week we have had Bren's sister Rachel, baby Xavier and his other sister's daughter Eloise
staying. No pictures of the others,lol, but had to put on pics of the baby, isn't he the cutest? Eight months is such a cute age, lots of giggles and fun.
Brendan and Seamus left the same day as Rach and Paddy is already down in Port Fairy. I drove Jackson, well he drove me, up to bordertown to visit Lucy and so it is only Joseph and I at home, a great excuse to stay up late and scrapbook, hence the layout above, and also catch up on some neglected blogging. Joseph does not think so and is missing all the activity that normaly goes on in our house, me on the other hand am loving the quiet.


Donna Maria said...

Xavier is sooooooo very cute....just at the age I think they are the best, don't mind a cuddle and they don't talk back!
Great layout Susy, as always....

Little Miss Lucy said...

Xavie is the cutest little thing and he looks gorgeous in that little outfit. He he i like Paddy and Jackos jumpers and its a lovely layout.
Lucy xoxox

Sandie said...

Susy, you are just the greatest!!
Well done on another great layout & isn't he just soooooooo cute!!!

Kazza said...

Hey Susy... I'm heading to Townville next week, I have no idea where you are located, are you close to there?

Little Miss Lucy said...

Just popped by to let you know that i have awarded you with the Brillante Weblog 2008 award. Congratz :)
Lucy xoxo

Donna Maria said...

Like miss lucy, I have given you an award too...You already have one of these so I don't expect you to pass it on! I just wanted to give you one.

Anne Elizabeth said...

Hi I popped over from Donna's blog. Your page is amazing. I LOVE LOVE the picture of baby Xavier!