18 July 2008

And I'd like to thank...

Wow while I was away I received this award, not from one but three people. Big thanks goes out to Donna , Sandie and Em for thinking of me, it's really the coolest.
Now I have to narrow down my list of blogs I love to only 5, I think this will take some thinking.
tick tick tick tick
OK, thinking done, it's going back to the wonderful girls who sent me mine, I know you have already received them but a creative girl can never have too many awards now can she and you girls really do rock!
The other two I will send to the very talented and still only in her teens, Lucy and last but not least the heroartsblog, they will possibly never know that I have presented them this award but it is a truly inspiring website and I love that each week they have different designers all with different styles to keep the creative inspiration flowing. There are also so many other inspiring websites I visit on a regular basic (Google reader has 63 articles for me to catch up on) which all deserve an award, so maybe I can send this out to every person out there who has ever picked up scissors and paper or paint brush and paint or fabric or wool or whatever medium it is you happen to work in because the whole world of creating is such a wonderful one that every one who has ever created deserves to get an award .


Little Miss Lucy said...

WOW!! Thanks a lot Sue. Im glad you like to read my blog :).......now the hard part i have to chose 5 other blogs to award!....this wil be hard.
See you soon xoxo

Anonymous said...

You deserve it as usual.
Oh and I don't know where that pic was taken. It's in my computer as a sample. Pretty huh?
Send me your email:
And post new cards/crafts.... PLEASE! hahaha