17 May 2008

See ya'll soon...

No blogging for me for a few days, I'm off to the big smoke. Joseph is playing football in Adelaide next week and I am taking him, Seamus and a couple of the other team members up. I will stay with them until Wednesday when one of the other Mums will take over. The boys are really excited as it's quite a big thing to be selected to play, they usually only have a few players from each school in this district. The boys will play against other teams from districts right around the state. I'm in the midlle of getting packed and we will leave at midday tomorrow. Hoo roo.


Anonymous said...

YAY for Joseph's Team. I love his darling blog (don't tell him I called him darling, really I mean TOUGH... lol).
Have a great time.

Anonymous said...

How did they go?
It's not me with the pelican, it's one of the staff..I feel like she looks like she's saying "Now what are you doing here with all these little fellas?" ha ha..in actual fact she was pointing out that it did'nt have a broken wing which had been the concern of some of the guests.