13 May 2008

My favourite time of year

I love autumn, lovely sunny days and fresh crisp nights and the colours, oh the colours. Our native trees don't tend to turn but here and there are dotted gorgeous maples and elms and other trees that turn to glorious russets and golden yellows. There are also the vineyards. One of the many advantages to living in a wine producing area is watching the seasonal changes in the plants, from rows upon rows of spring green to acres of these glorious rich colours, it's always a beautiful thing to see. Unfortunately I only managed to get two shots before my battery went dead so I missed the most beautiful of the views, the wide swept paddocks full of golden leaves only a few minutes up the road. It had been a drizzly start to the day and the sky was still heavy later that morning so all the colours were heavily saturated when I drove past paddock after paddock of a really intense golden yellow colour with the little bit of light that was there sweeping across it and the Australian bush thick in the background. Oh the times when you kick yourself for leaving behind something that normally should be always carried with your camera. So here are the two I did take and you will have to use your imagination with the rest,lol.


Anonymous said...

sue, it is soooo pretty.
so ya'll are entering Fall as we are entering Summer? Neat...

Donna Maria said...

Oh Susy.... It is really one of the things I really miss about the south east, thankyou for sharing.