22 May 2008


Joseph kicking for goal, they both look like they are flying, "some mean air", as Joseph said when he saw this photo.The relief after the game.
Listening intently to the coach ( he has a mouth guard in, not fat cheeks)

Well I'm back safe and sound from Adelaide and had a great time, although I found it really hard to leave the boys behind and miss the last of their games. Joseph won't be back until Friday. One of the other boys Mum's was staying with them until then and then bringing them back home. The team did really well and even though they had lost more games than they had won when I left, they were not beaten by much. There are 40 teams from statewide playing in four different divisions, our boys are div one so the competition is really fierce and they held their own well despite the fact that they only managed to get two training sessions in before the carnival whereas the city teams have been working together for months. Some of our boys live up to two hours apart, one of the drawbacks of country football I guess. It's such a great experience for them and a real eye opener for parents. I was absolutely amazed at the size of some of the kids, they are all primary kids but some of them were huge with legs hairier than King Kong, sprouting beards and chest hair. "Roids (steroids) for breakfast" became a common joke amongst our boys when they'd see these big lads walk onto the oval. The most entertaining team to watch by far, except our own of course,lol, was one of the aboriginal team. Half the team played without shoes, just socks and did back flips and cartwheels if they got goals. If ever you get the chance to watch a young all indigenous team play do it, its great to watch and they have some hugely talented kids.
ETA I have just gotten off the phone to Joseph were he told me that they won both of their games today so I think this puts them one up.


Donna Maria said...

Joseph looked like he was really enjoying himself Susy.... Hope you did too. Don Xx

Anonymous said...

cool pics. Sounds like a great time was had by all.

Theresa Tyree said...

Hi Susy!
Thanks for stopping by my blog! Your photography work is stunning! You're one talented lady- photography, sewing, cardmaking- WOW! The aparagus story cracked me up!! You'll have to fix some for him. It's my fav veggie!!

Theresa Tyree said...

Forgot to say, I've met Donna Downey. Ain't she a HOOT!?!? LOL!

coco said...

HI, Suzy Q,

I haven't visited your blog by myself b fore, love the slide show and those beautiful vine pics.
I just love you, you are clever and funny and witty and so willing to share yourself. Boy am Ilucky I found that alleyway, and met you three girls. You have impacted my life so very positively and I'm gratefullxx Coco