16 May 2008

For the love of Donna

I love getting parcels at my front door the at the best of times but when they are hand signed parcels of inspirational delight like this I am overjoyed. A few weeks back a friend Kathryn and I shared the postage in a pair of autographed books newly released by DonnaDowney. We are both big fans and I love her fearless aproach to creating. I used my upmost control and did not open them until I reached Kathryn's house but you should have seen us when we did, jumping around like little kids. The kids thought we were quite nutty. Not only were the books autographed but the parcel was hand written by Donna in her cool handwriting. Of course there had to be photos of them with the gorgeous lime green tissue paper and Donna labels. so very cool. Thanks Kathryn for sending through the photos.

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Anonymous said...

I love it.
It's the little things.