29 June 2007

Music, music, music.

Music is such a big part of our household. Whether listening to, or playing there is almost always some sort of noise around the house, sometimes good, sometimes not. Paddy has been busy rehearsing for the high school music concert for the last few weeks with a couple of his mates. The payoff was a great performance last night with the exception of a minor technical problem at the start of the song but within minutes the boys had the crowd rocking. they sang áll the small things' by Blink 182.


Kathryn said...

Cool! Would have liked to see this? Let us know if there is anything like this on in town?

Peta's page said...

WOW! that would have been awesome to see!!!

Kaz said...

How very cool! Loved seeing these photos, and they'll be glad in years to come that they have these to look back on. Great job Mum!