5 June 2007

Lazy Sunday afternoon.

Joseph looking very tired and pale. A couple of shots of the two youngest boys lazing around late Sunday afternoon. We were all feeling tired and me too lazy to get off the lounge floor to take some decent shots. Our eldest son had his 16th birthday last Thursday and decided instead of a proper party he and a few mates would do a movieathon on the Saturday night, they watched 7 movies in a row, wow, I don't think my eyes would even handle that many let alone staying awake that long. They did it with lots of caffiene (coke) and sugar(chocolate) As a result we were all a little tired the next day even though all the rest of us went of to bed, a little later than usual, we did at least sleep. I was amazed at how good they all were, with 8 teenage boys in the house and two younger ones who knows what could have happened, guess the movies must have been too good.


Kaz said...

The eyes on your boys are just captivating to me.... do they get them from you or hubby? They are just beautiful (even though I know boys would hate to hear that!)

hannie said...

Agreeing with Kaz - your boys have the most beautiful eyes!

Just wanted to say that I love looking at your photos - they are always gorgeous!