2 June 2007

Footy today and a little visitor.

Paddy with the ball, check out the icy patches of grass, glad it wasn't me out there with shorts on.

A little bird that kept hopping around the car, not a very sharp photo but he would not stay still long enough to get a sharp shot with the slow lens I had on the camera, thought he was cute anyway.

Just a quick shot from the boys footy game today and a little bird that kept hopping around our car. The boys won the junior colts game by only two points against the top side, they were two points down with less than a minute to go when one of the team popped in a quick goal, straight after the final siren sounded, I don't think I have ever seen such an excited bunch of kids, they were running and jumping around, I think my pulse rate was up a bit too, lol.

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Anonymous said...

Gorgeous photos as always suse. Good on the boys! co-incidentally , jess's netball team were playing their top side this weekend. They lost however, but were pleased to have done so by only 4 points. It's their first loss of the season, gotta lose sometime!