4 June 2007


She is so hard to get a photo of, every time I get down on the ground to take a shot of her she thinks is either time to play or time for a cuddle, either way it doesn't make for easy photos. I managed to get this one while she was sitting on the couch being distracted by Joseph. I love the little tongue poking out. Shame she has such chopped hair on her ears, she ran through a horrible burr patch and had to have most of her coat cut almost back to the skin.


Miranda said...

Aww, what a pretty dog! I like all of your other pics too. The M&M's just made me want candy! I like your signs and the bird, its beautiful. We don't have any birds like that in the US! ANd if we do, not where I live :)

hannie said...

your dog is so cute!!! We are thinking of getting a second dog but are having troubles deciding on a breed. I want a cute little one as our current dog is a small dog. But my husband wants a "real dog"! Just between you me and the world wide web - i think im going to win! he he he