23 April 2014


Brendan and I celebrated our 25th wedding anniversary on the 8th of April, I know it's said all the time but man, time flies so fast. We've had quite the giggle looking back over the different hair styles and fashions of the last quarter of a century. Love the visual reminder of how our family has grown so much over those years. I could write really nice things about my man and how much he means to me but I'm so much an image over words person and I think the photos say it all.

Number 1 son Jacko, he borrowed my spare set of sunnies straight after this, my poor kids have lived their lives with a camera in their faces, ha.

 "rock man" Bren loves fossicking amongst rocks where ever we go, sometimes it's interesting, sometimes it just drives me nuts, lol.
 My soul craves the ocean, I need it to revive and restore me. Having lived all my life not more than a Km or 2 from the sea, and at times just a stones throw away, it's something I miss constantly since we moved inland 12 years ago. Robe is only an hours drive away thank goodness but everyday I miss the energy the salt air gives me.
 I didn't realise it until looking afterwards that I had captured all but one of the family in this shot, Bren body surfing at the front, Paddy boogey boarding behind him and Seamo and Jacko on the jetty behind them, love serendipity.

Oh how I love this spazzy dog, he is hysterical and a constant source of joy. He will run all day if we are out and active but is equally happy to lay on my feet at the computer if I have work to do.  He's  a  bitza, his dad a cavalier spaniel and mum a cocker spaniel poodle cross but seems to have picked up a lot of the good qualities of them all. Of course he can be naughty at time (not too often thank goodness) but most of the time his funny personality gets him out of trouble. Totally cracked up when I opened up these shots of the computer on the drive home. 
 Paddy 'booging'
Was stuck between my two oldest in the back seat on the drive home so probably missed the most awesome photo of this beauty sitting on a post but did manage to squeeze a few (awkward) shots of before he flew off.

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