3 March 2008

Dad's album

Unfortunately the crackle medium did not work as well under the blue paint as the brown but it still has a slightly distressed look.

My Dad died a few days after my 14th birthday but I have never in all this time made an album for him, I have done pages but never an actual album until now. When I was in Adelaide at the stamping and scrapping fair a few weeks back I came across this little album and these papers that remind me so much of my Dad. I think his favourite shirt was similar in colours, very 70s, the era I remember him in best. I had Saturday night with only the two older boys so while I watched the vicar of dibley I managed to get this done with my stable table balanced on my lap, one of those things I had bought and rarely used but now have discovered it great for small projects while I'm watching tv in the lounge. All I have to do now is get some photos printed off, going down to pick out my new printer today, my other one no longer wants to print properly, add some journaling and it's all done.


Peta's page said...

what a wonderful idea!brings tears to my eyes. i too have done a couple of pages of my dad, but never a whole album. he had been dead for about 15 or so years..... still miss him.
thanks for the visit to my page! It always cheers my up when i "see" a friendly face!

Kathryn said...

great job on the mini album! please bring it to scrap'n'yap so I can see it in real life!

lisa said...

The blue diagonal stripe paper reminds me of ties. Not that my Dad ever wore ties, which I have to say I thought was very unprofessional of him seeing as he was an accountant and had his own business...I thought he should wear ties! he would'nt even wear one to my wedding. This looks very nice Suzy :)

In Em's Closet ~ The Closet Crafter said...

This is absolutely BEAUTIFUL!
I hadn't visited before today. You are such a talented lady! Photos are breathtaking in your blog.
And, we got the card. You'll find pics on my craft blog later today.
Here's my family one... lol