12 February 2008

A tiny little praying mantis and me in my space.

I found this tiny little praying mantis while I was watering last night, I haven't seen one around here for quite a while, it was tiny not even an inch long. Seamus had a ball playing with it, it kept wanting to run up on his head. He was very hard to photograph because he wouldn't keep still, even when he didn't run he kept swaying from side to side. Happily Seamus let him go in the garden again, I'm glad the bpys are past the stage of having to keep bugs captive, even though they are only insects I still hated finding then dead in the bug catcher days later, guess I'm just soft. The last one is me in my nook, where I'm always happy.


Anonymous said...

Is'nt he just the cutest thing?! (and you :D)I love the expression on his face in the last photo.

Anonymous said...

You'll never believe it Suse. I went in the shower last night and there was the tiniest lizard I've ever seen, also about an inch long like your praying mantis. I have'nt got around to taking photos yet ,he's still there.

Peta's page said...

what incredible photos! isn't he colourful too. i haven't seen one of those for such a long time