1 September 2007

The optimist

Reads-Frazer Gherig "I lost my last game of my footy career by 5 points"
While Kane Pettifer did kick his share of goals today the hope that the Saints might loose
by 5 points just did not happen. Number three son, 11 year old Joseph is right into caricatures at the moment. I think his drawing of Frazer Gherig (did I spell that right) is pretty good, love the tear rolling down his cheek .


Anonymous said...

Thats terrific that they won! and it does give me hope for our girls winning, I'll tell Jess about that when she gets home tonight.
Good drawing..a couple of my boys can draw well, particularly the eldest.
You're right about the school, it had'nt occurred to me before about the energy of the place but yes, you're right.
Guess what happened today? I was all set to travel 30 minutes away to take the cat to the vet to get neutered..and he vanished. It being 30 minutes away means that I cant just up and take him in any time I want to, it has to be planned.
Never done that before, he's always right there waiting to come in..do you think he knew?

Anonymous said...

They lost :( they looked like winning but they lost.
This is Jess's first year playing too.
Good luck to yours :)