30 September 2007

Bye boys.

Today I waved two of my smunchkins off on the bus for a few days holiday with Nana. Saying goodbye to number two son was not so bad, he had done it several times before and at age 13 is quite the man of the world but my baby left too. I said my goodbyes on the bus, hugs kisses lots of smooches and even more hugs and kisses, he said goodbye I said goodbye and then he said....................."you can get of the bus now mum", I was shattered my clingy little man has grown up alot in this last year thanks to a nice bunch of kids in his class and a teacher he really likes, but I'm not sure if I'm ready yet for him to grow up so much so fast that he doesn't need me as much anymore. It made me ponder on how life is going to be when they all grow up and leave home, after so many years of living a hectic flat out pace chasing after and running around after four busy boys I think things could be very flat, lucky I won't have to think about it for quite some time yet and with any luck in the future there will be lots of grandbabies for me to spoil but boy I can understand how bad the empty nester's must feel. At least they rang me twice tonight so I haven't been totally superseded yet.

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