12 September 2007

Boys, boys, boys.

On Sunday my boys went up to our local park for a quick game of rugby and like most kids I think they have magnets attached to them because it wasn't long before our little group grew. I couldn't help taking a photo of a few of the boys around and one of their dogs Ernie, they all looked so cute together discussing rules and strategies. There are times when I miss the freedom of living out of town but I seriously love that there are some really lovely kids living nearby and that they have such a safe place play so close to our home(two doors down) and as spring approaches they will be able to spend more and more time up there.


Anonymous said...

Hopefully this works, I've tried to comment a couple times now, having trouble with the puter today.
You are so right about the most precious photos not always being the best ones. I've stopped deleting less than stellar photos when I'm particularly taken with the subject matter/moment in time.
Thats why we take photos most of the time after all.
Love the one of the boys - a dog named Ernie - thats so australian somehow :)

Peta's page said...

you always manage to capture the essence of the moment! love your photography~

Louise said...

I saw your post on the Aussie Photo peas thread on 2Peas, so I checked your profile and loved your shots! I couldn't resist checking your blog out! I love the colours in your picture's. Great work.